Ear clamp Show Tech+ Safety Ear

Show Tech SKU: 54STP001
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Ear clamp Show Tech+ Safety Ear

Show Tech SKU: 54STP001
• For ear picking • Use if necessary. Ashley Craig Texture Magic Powder, so you prevent the hairs from slipping.
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Description of Show Tech ear pliers

It's all in the details

  • A professional ear picking tool
  • Allows you to remove excess hair from the dog's ear canal in a quick and safe way
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Total length of the tweezers: 14 cm
  • Length of work surface: 4 cm
  • Length of working point: 1.6 cm
  • Tweezer width: 7.82 mm
  • Width tip when closed: 5.10 mm
  • Weight: 35 g
  • NB all measurements are approximate

Safe ear picking

When there is too much hair in a dog's ear, earwax can accumulate in the ear canal and there is no longer sufficient air circulation. Over time, this can lead to excess earwax and even ear infections. Excessive hair in the ears often also causes itching. With these stainless steel and scissor-like tweezers in hand, you can easily and safely remove excess hair from your furry friend's ear canal.

Because the tips of these ear tweezers are wider than average, this hair removal tool is a real workhorse. This allows the trimmer to effortlessly and efficiently epilate many hairs at once, which makes these ear tweezers particularly suitable for larger breeds and dogs with overgrown hair in the ears.
Picking with this Show Tech+ Safety Ear Pliers is not only fast, but also safe! Thanks to the large and rounded safety tip, there is much less chance of injuring the dog. We are sure you will love working with this pliers!

Tips for ear picking

Although this ear tweezer has a wider serrated tip, caution is advised. For the safety of the dog.
For optimal treatment, it is recommended to use Ashley Craig Texture Magic Powder, it will make the moist, greasy hairs in the ears drier and will ensure faster and painless ear plucking. To clean the ear canal more thoroughly and remove earwax, you can also use the forceps in combination with ear wipes. You can easily do this by placing an ear tissue around the tip of the pliers. By working in this way, you can clean the ear right down to the smallest curve.

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