Accessories for Trimming Tables

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GroomUs offers high quality hangers, table covers and hammocks that will last a long time. The grooming table is an essential grooming equipment to have, when it comes to your dog's coat care, if you have one, it is important to have the right equipment for it, so that the coat care becomes easier and more comfortable for both you and the dog. The gallows can be a great help and nice to use, as you then know where you have the dog. Covers in microfiber protect the grooming table during fur care.

    10 products
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    Get the best accessories for your trimming table

    Grooming tables can be used for all types of grooming, including a trip with a blower, nail clipping, fur clipping, fur care and styling. Regardless of whether it is for special events or for everyday life, the trimming table will become indispensable, so you need the right equipment for it.

    When it comes to covers, hammocks and gallows, at GroomUs we particularly focus on quality rather than quantity, so it will be a good investment for you. We only want to offer the best, so that fur care becomes more comfortable and easy for you and the dog by using hangers, covers and hammocks.

    If you would like to know more about what hangers and covers in microfiber can each do, you can read more about them below.


    A dog gallows is a holder made of a solid material that can be fastened to the grooming table, and on which you can attach a gallows cord or gallows wire to which you fasten the dog. It can be enormously helpful, both because it can keep the dog completely calm up on the table, but also as a guarantee that the dog does not fall down from there.

    At GroomUs, we have the following selection:

    • Gallows: You get the gallows from us as a one-armed gallows that can easily be fastened to the trimming table. Height can be adjusted so you get the best fit for your dog.
    • Gallows cord: For the gallows, we have cords in lots of different colours, lengths, materials and, not least, price ranges, so there is something for everyone.
    • Gallows wire: Alternatively, you can choose a wire for the gallows that has very short or no string - also available in different sizes.

    NOTE: Important to know when using gallows

    You should never leave the dog while it is in a gallows, just as you should generally not leave the dog in a gallows for too long - especially if the dog is not used to it.


    Our covers for grooming tables from Show Tech are super absorbent and help protect the surface of the grooming table while you care for the dog's fur.

    Good reasons to get a cover for your grooming table:

    • Super suction capacity: It is super water absorbent and leaves a dry and clean trimming table surface.
    • Maintains the trimming table: The cover also helps to maintain the trimming table so that it is not exposed to water, dirt, etc. during use. If you want to take good care of your trimming table, this cover can help.
    • Elastic: The elasticity makes the cover easy to work with and secures well around the trimming table.
    • Non-slip: The surface of the towel is soft, but non-slip, so that the dog can stand at ease without slipping

    GroomUs' selection of grooming tables and hangers

    Our accessories for trimming tables of gallows, covers and hammocks are carefully selected so that we only offer you the best on the market. It is of high quality that will last a long time.
    If you are in doubt about anything regarding hangers, covers or hammocks, you are always welcome to ask us - we are happy to help with advice and personal guidance.