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It is important that you keep your dog's coat in good condition, as it helps to ensure the dog's well-being. It also helps the dog to look soft and nice. If the coat is dirty and knotted, or otherwise damaged, there can be irritation and itching for the dog, it can even be painful for some. That's why here at GroomUs we have a wide selection of everything you need for grooming.

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    Why should you groom the dog?

    Grooming is most often associated with making the dog look nice. It is of course also something that contributes to it, but it is far from the only, and certainly not the main reason for caring. With a well-groomed coat, it is possible to avoid problems, or get some problems in advance. Poorly cared for fur can lead to parasitic fleas, scratches and wounds.

    With grooming with a comb and brush, you can avoid your dog getting matted fur. Here with us, however, you will not only find combs and brushes. We also have nail clippers and nail filers that may be necessary for dogs that don't wear down their own nails when they walk. It is of course important that the dog keeps the nails down, especially as they can start to hurt or cause irritation.

    How often should the dog be groomed?

    There is no definitive answer to that. Every dog ​​is different, and there is a big difference between whether you have a small terrier or a large Chow Chow. Of course, you will also have another need if it is a show dog. The best advice is that it is up to you, and of course the dog. It is important that you take good care of the dog and make the grooming a pleasure for both of you. It is also important to point out that some dog breeds require more fur care with brushes and the like, so it is very important that you know what you are getting into when choosing a dog. We always advise to start grooming early, when the dog is a puppy, so that it gets used to it.

    What you find with us

    GroomUs always has the dog's best interest in mind. That is why we also have brands that we stand for and use on a daily basis, both in private and in the kennel.

    In our selection, we have different scissors, so you can keep the dog's fur down a bit. This applies to both thinners and all-round scissors. These are scissors that come in good quality and feel good in the hand. There are also trimming knives and trimming stones, which are used for rough-haired dogs such as terriers.

    We also offer nail clippers and nail grinders, which can be very necessary for dogs who do not wear down their nails themselves. It is very normal for the nails to become long, but it can be an irritation for the dog. It is therefore a good idea to have a nail clipper so that you can keep the nails down.

    GroomUs can always help

    We have worked with dogs and grooming for a long time, and therefore know a great deal about different grooming methods and how to best groom your dog breed. If you have questions about our products or how to best take care of the dog, we will always be ready with answers. Then finally get in touch so that you get the best for your dog at or +45 28 10 89 22 at 10-18 all weekdays .