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Dogs can have very sharp nails, or they can grow very long and not wear down naturally. It is not abnormal for the dog not to wear down its own nails, it just means that you have to take care of it yourself. Here we have a selection of different nail trimmers and nail grinders, so you can take the best care of your dog's nails. So that you can take the best care of your dog's entire paw, we also have paw trimmers. It is an important part of the fur care of some dogs that you take care of their paws. If your dog has a lot of fur under the paws, it is a good idea to trim it short to avoid discoloration in the fur or your dog getting fungus.

    4 products
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    The dog's nails usually do not wear down naturally, which means that you have to take care of it yourself. It is important that your dog has trimmed nails and paws so that he does not experience discomfort. For some dog breeds with a lot of fur under the paws, paw trimming is an important part of fur care. Here at GroomUs, you will find various paw trimmers and nail grinders for dogs in high quality, so that you can safely help your dog to have healthy and fresh paws.

    KISS potato trimmer for dogs | Best in tests

    The paw trimmer for dogs from KISS has been voted best in tests, as it is a wireless and handy machine that can be easily maneuvered so that you can easily reach the hairs from all angles. The battery has a lifetime of 4 hours, so it can last for several trimmings without having to be recharged.

    CBK Nail file | A safe nail grinder for dogs

    The CBK Dog Nail Grinder is specially designed to sharpen your dog's nails in a safer way than cutting them. The CBK nail grinder is cordless and quiet, so you have freedom of movement and a quiet environment to work on your dog's nails. The nail grinder comes with different types of grinding heads so you can achieve precise results.

    When are my dog's nails too long?

    If your dog stands on the nails rather than the foot pads on a flat surface, if the nails constantly click when walking on flat surfaces, or if your dog shows symptoms of discomfort, this may be a sign that the nails need to be trimmed.

    How far should I cut my dog's nails?

    Inside the dog's nail there is a vein that you must not hit. You must therefore stop just before you reach the nail vein. On dogs with light nails, the vein is often seen as a pink area inside the nail, whereas it can be difficult, if not impossible, to see on dogs with dark nails. Therefore, be extra careful and cut or trim very gradually when cutting dark nails.

    What do I do if my dog's nails start to bleed during clipping?

    Always remember to have a styptic pencil or powder nearby in case you happen to cut too close to the nail vein and it starts to bleed. The styptic pencil or powder can help stop the bleeding.

    How often should I trim my dog's paws?

    How often you should trim your dog's paws is individual and depends on several factors, such as fur length, activity level and hygiene needs. If your dog has long fur around the paws or a high level of activity, regular trimming may be necessary to avoid hard knots, dirt build-up, irritation, moisture or infections.

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