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With dogs, it is important that you give them the right motivation to learn, while also spoiling them. We believe that CORE treats are the perfect choice when you want to pamper your dog and provide motivation for learning. CORE treats are healthy and contain no preservatives.

    7 products

    Tasty treats from CORE

    CORE treats are definitely the right choice when you need to train your dog. They have different flavors and will certainly be good motivation for the dog. Here's why we think CORE treats are a great choice:

    • CORE PROTEIN BITES are made from natural ingredients and are grain-free
    • CORE PROTEIN BITES come in different flavors in a flower-shaped treat. They are either crunchy or soft, so you can choose what is best for you and your dog
    • CORE PROTEIN BITES are hypoallergenic and therefore ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs
    • CORE PROTEIN BITES are perfect for dog training and good as a treat once in a while
    • CORE PROTEIN BITES have antioxidants that promote the dog's skin and fur
    • It is therefore a good choice for any dog ​​that needs good motivation or deserves to be pampered (and of course all dogs deserve to be pampered)

    CORE treats for sensitive dog tummies

    Apart from the fact that the taste will definitely be something for your dog, CORE treats are also full of good and natural ingredients. That is to say, there are no artificial colourings, artificial flavors or preservatives in it. Furthermore, no grains, corn, soy, dairy products, beef or eggs have been used. You therefore have a luxury product that can be used for dogs with sensitive stomachs. If you have had difficulty finding something that does not contain these things, then it is definitely CORE treats that you should choose for your dog. It can be difficult to find good treats for dogs with sensitive stomachs, but CORE treats can be the solution you've been waiting for, so you can spoil your dog too.

    Training and pampering

    CORE treats are super ideal to use for training. You don't have too big pieces, and they are therefore easy to carry in a small bag or in your pocket. When you exercise, your dog is of course active, and therefore it is also important that they get a healthy and tasty snack. It is also an ideal snack to have when you feel like pampering your dog.

    Under each product, you can read more about the specific content, so you have a better idea of ​​what you are buying. You can therefore also be sure that you have something your dog can tolerate. You can choose flavors with lamb and apple as well as chicken and cherry. They are available hard or soft, so you can choose what you are sure your dog will prefer.

    GroomUs stands for CORE treats

    We ourselves are happy with the CORE products, and use them for our own dogs. As they are healthy with good content, we know they are the right choice for our dogs.