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When you have a double-coated dog, it's a really good idea to make sure you have what you need when you need to take care of the coat. Here we have a selection of quality rakes which can help you when the dog's fur needs to be combed - especially during the shedding periods.

    3 products

    The best rakes from Greyhound

    We have a selection of Ashley Craig Greyhound rakes, which we ourselves are incredibly happy with. We use these rakes ourselves and therefore have no doubts about the quality. We are absolutely sure that you will only be happy with them. They fit well in the hands, are nice and come in the best quality. Their handles are made of wood that is covered with a satin finish that makes it water resistant. It is especially good for you who want to use them when the dog is wet. They are also made of stainless steel, so you can be sure that it is something that will last a long time.

    What are rakes?

    Rakes are designed to take the dead hairs and the hairs that shed with ease. They are typically T-shaped with rounded teeth. The length and shape may vary depending on which rake you have chosen. They are designed to remove the dead hair without damaging the healthy coat underneath. You should always follow the direction of hair growth when using rakes. It is also important that you do not press a rake into a thick coat too many times in a row with too much pressure. It is something that can make the dog uncomfortable, and you certainly don't want that when you brush the dog or if you have to have someone else do it. If you instead avoid using too much pressure and constantly use it in the same place, you will also avoid damage to the skin. Rakes are used mostly on double-coated, heavy-coated and rustic-coated dogs.

    GroomUs can always help

    If you are not quite sure what to choose, we are always available with answers. Finally, get in touch and get personal guidance at groomus@groomus.dk or +45 28 10 89 22 all weekdays at 10-18.