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You should of course have the best tools when you have to care for the dog's fur. We therefore have an exciting selection of brushes that we believe are the best on the market. The brushes you will find below are some we ourselves use both for our own dogs and in the kennel.

    16 products
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    Brushes for large and small dogs

    We have a wide selection of brushes that are well suited to different dog breeds and fur types. We have, among other things, brushes with nylon and wild boar hair as well as powder brushes. We have here a large selection of different types from, among others, Ashley Craig, which we ourselves are really happy with.

    The powder brushes are specially made to pick up powder that can make precision work easier. Powder is often used for runny eyes or for skin folds. This is especially so if there is eczema or something else. They are very simple to use and with their fine hair they pick up just the right amount to place on the dog. They work really well together with Magic Frost powder from Ashley Craig, which makes the coat beautiful, white.

    Brushes for show and everyday use

    It's not just dogs going to shows that need a well-groomed coat. No matter how much you are out with your dog, you need to take good care of it. Brushes can help the dog feel better. Filtered fur can be an irritation and create problems where they don't need to be. Therefore, we advise everyone to use brushes, especially if you have a dog with double fur and long hair. You are not only doing your dog a favour, it is also really nice to sit with your dog and brush through. A good trick is to start brushing your dog early, so you get him used to it from puppyhood.

    GroomUs uses brushes

    We ourselves use the brushes and maps you can find on this page, which is also why we can vouch for the quality. If you are in doubt about which brush is best for your particular dog, do not hesitate to contact us at or +45 28 10 89 22 and get personal guidance.