To the Dog

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    14 products
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    To the Dog

    With a dog in the home, it is of course important that you have the right dog equipment. This applies to both food and water bowls, but also toys and activity toys that may be especially necessary for the dog that eats quickly or has difficulty being on its own. We have gathered here a selection of good and practical products for the dog.

    All the necessary dog ​​equipment for the home

    There is a big difference between dogs, as they each have their own personality. That's why here at GroomUs we have a wide and varied selection of dog equipment, so we have something for all dog types and homes. In addition, we have also selected all the products on the basis of personal experience, so that only the best find their way into our range. All the dog equipment you find here with us is therefore something that we stand for ourselves and are happy to use.

    Find dog bowls that match your dog's eating habits

    All dogs must have their own food and water bowls so they always have easy access to water and a place to eat their food. There are, of course, some dogs who eat far too quickly and who can therefore get sick. However, something can be done about it. You can e.g. choose a food bowl from our selection of dog equipment that helps to slow down the dog's food intake, so that more work has to be done for the food. It is far more effective than throwing the food out on the grass, where the dog still eats quickly.

    Play on the dog's terms with high-quality dog ​​toys

    However, it is far from only bowls that we have in our selection of dog equipment. We believe that it is important that every dog ​​has something to play with. That is why we also have a selection of KW, which makes durable and good toys for the dog, such as stuffed animals such as geese, foxes, raccoons and much more. Then of course there are the KW ropes, which most dogs love to play with. They come in great colors and will be ideal for you who love to play with the dog. They are also equally good for the dog that loves to play with other dogs or with itself. The right dog equipment gives the dog ample opportunity to play and have fun, regardless of whether you are there or not.

    Activity toys both entertain and help the dog

    Not all dogs feel good when the owner leaves. It can be difficult for some to be themselves, and this can unfortunately lead to a relatively destructive dog. However, there are several ways to combat separation anxiety. First of all, we would suggest dog equipment as activity toys, where the dog has to work to get the treats out. We have very exciting activity toys for the dog, which can make the separation less difficult. In addition, we would also suggest that you do not make a big deal out of going if you have a dog that finds it difficult to be alone. Instead, you should not make the dog aware that you are walking, regardless of how difficult it may feel. Leave an activity toy with the dog and leave when he is focused on it. It is always a good idea that you choose to do it in stages - even if you use the right dog equipment - so that the dog quickly gets used to you coming back again. Start with a few minutes at a time and increase the time you are away by a few minutes each time.