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    If you are looking for a professional clipper for dogs, also called a dog trimmer, then you have come to the right place. At GroomUs, we have collected a number of quality products such as wireless clippers that can help you keep your dog's fur in an easy and handy way. Regardless of whether you are a professional or trim your dog's fur at home, there is a dog or paw trimmer for you in our range.

    Dog trimmers with professional features

    At GroomUs, we sell quality trimmers for dogs, which, depending on which model you are looking for, have professional features such as:

    • Different speeds for precise results
    • Possibility of changing the cutting blade
    • Ergonomic design, so the dog trimmer is nice to hold for a long time at a time
    • Possibility of USB charging
    • Cooling function that cools your dog comfortably while you clip it
    • Low weight, so it is easier to manoeuvre
    • Silent models that create a quieter environment during the haircut

    That's why you should choose a cordless clipper for dogs

    A cordless clipper or potato trimmer is worth its weight in gold for dog owners with dog breeds that require regular trimming. Cordless clippers give you freedom of movement so you can achieve exactly the results you want. It also makes clipping a more pleasant experience for you and your dog, as there is no risk of getting tangled in a cord.

    KISS potato trimmer | Best in tests

    At GroomUs, we also sell paw trimmers, which are suitable for you who have a dog with long fur under the paws or a high level of activity. By regularly trimming your dog's paw hair, you can avoid calluses, moisture and infection. We sell, among other things, the popular potato trimmer from KISS, which has been voted best in tests , among other things because of its good grip, wireless feature and high precision.

    How do I groom my dog?

    To groom your dog, you must first give it a bath. Then dry it gently with a towel or a hairdryer on low power and heat. Next, brush the dog's hair so that it is ready to be trimmed. If necessary, use thinning scissors to get rid of very thick fur, and otherwise use a dog trimmer to trim the fur on, for example, the belly, hind legs, tail, ears or paws, depending on where your dog needs it. Always be careful and remember to seek help from an expert if you are unsure.

    How long does it take to groom my dog?

    Depending on the size and temperament of your dog, it usually takes 1-2 hours to trim the dog. It is important that it is a calm and pleasant experience for both of you, which a quiet and wireless dog trimmer can help with.