Puppy packages for breeders

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As a breeder, you can have puppy packages sent for the feed brand you use.

When you order feed, you can write in the comment field which variant you want.
Write how many puppies you have had and when they were born.

If you are not already registered as a breeder, press "SIGN UP" in the top right corner.
If you have already shopped in the shop before, without being registered, you may get an error with your e-mail already being used, so send me an e-mail and I will recode you, you just have to write the kennel name and DKK number in the email.
Email address: groomus@groomus.dk

If you want to hear more about the breeder benefits in the shop, you are also always welcome to call 28108922. I have bred Samoyeds for +20 years under the kennel brand Cabaka and love to talk dog.

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