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GroomUs offers high quality dog ​​bathtubs, our electric bathtubs have a DANSK LINAK motor, it is one of the best on the market. The bathtubs have the same stable base as on our electric CBK trimming tables. Tauro Pro Lines Spa bathtub with OZON is especially for salons. OZON bath is great for skin and fur problem dogs. You can see our selection of dog bathtubs here.

    9 products
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    At GroomUs you will find everything you need to create well-being and care for dogs in a safe and professional manner in your salon. On this page, you will find both dog bathtubs that have been designed with a focus on functionality, comfort and durability, as well as hand showers, shower hoses and gallows to keep track of the four-legged friends. Upgrade both safety and comfort in your salon with bathing equipment from GroomUs.

    Dog bathtub for larger dogs

    In our selection, you will find stainless steel dog bathtubs that are suitable for larger dog breeds as well as small ones. If you are looking for a functional bathtub for large dogs, you can invest in an electric bathtub that has the following advantages:

    • Non-slip bottom plates that give the dog a safe experience.
    • Bath tub that can hold up to 114 kg, so you can accommodate even the very large breeds.
    • Sliding door, which makes access easier for larger dog breeds.
    • Danish-produced Linak motor, which with their innovative technology has created a quiet motor, so that the dog has a safe experience when the tub is moved upwards.
    • Set for puppies and smaller breeds.

    Bathtub for small dogs in stainless steel

    You will also find smaller bathtubs for small breeds in our selection. The smaller bathtubs have round corners that make cleaning much easier. The smaller bathtubs are of course also made of stainless steel, so you have a product that will last for a long time to come.

    Smart and functional accessories

    Upgrade the entire salon experience and your workflow with the right equipment for the dog bathtub. With a focused shower head whose water jet can be adjusted, you can make sure you get all the soap out of the dog's fur. In addition, a kink-proof shower hose can be a good investment, so you have a shower hose that lasts.

    Easy delivery and good advice at GroomUs

    At GroomUs, we send your dog bathtub safely with Danske Fragtmænd. The charge for freight will be sent afterwards, but of course you can always collect your goods for free by appointment throughout the week.

    At GroomUs, we prioritize dogs' well-being by selling products we know are of the best quality. If you have questions or need advice and guidance, you can always contact our lovely team at or +45 28 10 89 22 on weekdays between 10-18, then we guide you to find the perfect product for your salon.