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Ruffwear harnesses and collars are made with great fit and comfort. They are designed for the everyday adventure, which makes them perfect for the walk with the dog. Spare your dog the harsh pulls and jolts he gets from collars and use a harness instead. Both collar and harness can be adjusted so that they fit the dog perfectly, and there are a total of eight beautiful colors to choose from.

    17 products

    Ruffwear harnesses & collars

    Ruffwear braces and Ruffwear collars – quality and functionality

    Since 1994, Ruffwear has specialized in making dog equipment for the outdoors and outdoor activities. This can be clearly felt in the quality of Ruffwear harnesses and collars, which is also why we recommend them here at GroomUs. Their collars and harnesses are also made so that they can be easily combined, as both harness and collar have a nice design that matches each other.

    GroomUs recommends Ruffwear harnesses for dogs

    Why do we recommend Ruffwear braces? We believe it is important that both you and your dog have the best experience when you are out. It doesn't matter whether the trip is long or short. Ruffwear harnesses fit incredibly well, and they can be easily adjusted to suit your dog's body type. The harness is also padded, which means that it does not chafe when the dog is in motion. In addition, the harness can be fastened in several places. Ruffwear harnesses are therefore both comfortable for the dog and the best solution when you are out for a walk - especially if they are combined with Ruffwear collars. If you take your dog with you on runs, hikes or other adventures, it is ideal that the comfort is top notch for both of you.

    Ruffwear braces come in three sizes which are S: 56-69 cm, M: 69-81 cm, L/XL: 81-107 cm. It is recommended that if your dog is between two sizes, that you choose the larger of them. This ensures that nothing gets pinched and that your dog is not uncomfortable.

    Combine the braces with Ruffwear collars

    Ruffwear collars are made in the same beautiful design and are available in many beautiful colors. It is also a legal requirement in Denmark that the dog wears a collar with a dog tag. For that, Ruffwear collars will undoubtedly be the right choice. In addition to matching the harness with Ruffwear collars, they are also durable and easy to put on. The snap lock also makes it quick to put on and take off. Once you have adjusted the collar, there is no trouble getting it around the dog's neck.

    The best equipment for active dogs

    Ruffwear harnesses and collars are made for active dogs, but can easily be used for dogs that are not very active. The most important thing is the comfort, which will give you and your dog a much better experience when you are out. Both Ruffwear's harnesses and collars are equipped with reflectors, so there is more visibility when it gets dark. It is especially good if you are walking in areas where there is not much street light.

    Here at GroomUs, we always have the best for you and your dog in mind. We know how important it is to take good care of the dog and ensure that there is the best possible comfort. That is why we are so happy with harnesses and collars from Ruffwear, which focus on fit and comfort and also guarantee high-quality products.