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A blower / pre-dryer is one of the most important grooming equipment to have for your dog. Also use the blower on dry fur, blow through the fur before you finish with the brush and comb, it will save you a lot of time and be gentler on the dog. WHICH BLOWER SHOULD YOU CHOOSE? • The Tornado blower is for breeds with a lot of fur, and want a blower that is very powerful and does not want too hot air, it has two heating settings, cold and warm, so the Tornado blower does not get too hot even if it has to run for a long time. • The Tauro blower is good for smaller breeds or moderate fur, it has two heat settings low and hot. Even at a low wind speed, it keeps a good warmth that small dogs prefer. The Tauro blower is quiet despite its blowing capacity, so good for dogs that are sound sensitive.

    11 products
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    Tornado PowerDry blower or Tornado DayCare blower

    It can be a jungle to find your way around which blower to choose. We have tested countless over the years and here CBK's Tornado blower stands out, it is a small handy blower, weighing just under 5 kg, easy to store away when you have finished blowing.
    They have and can do everything they need and more. We use them ourselves in everyday life and can therefore also proudly vouch for them and offer them to our customers.

    What is a blower and what can it do?

    A blower is like a blow dryer - just for dogs instead of people. A human hair dryer will break the dog's hair and burn the fur. A blower is an electric device that, with its powerful motor - or motors, blows the water out of the dog's fur and significantly reduces the time the dog is wet. However, it can also be used with great advantage in dry fur, where it blows away dust and dirt away as well as loose hair. A blower is therefore beneficial for virtually all breeds and types.

    When using the blower in wet and/or dry fur, it will also reduce the time spent brushing and combing enormously. So much so that it can cut well over half the time it would otherwise have taken with a brush and comb.

    Advantages of using our blowers:

    • The drying time after washing is shortened
    • Up to 75% of the work with the brush and comb is shortened
    • The fur is kept free of dust and dirt
    • Hair that falls is completely blown off
    • Powerful engine
    • Lightweight
    • Regulation of the strength
    • Regulation of cold or warm air
    • For private and professional use

    Are accessories necessary?

    Blower accessories can be divided into two categories. What is necessary to have and what is nice to have. The necessary accessory is, in all its simplicity, a grooming table or a table of similar size, on which the dog can stand. In addition, the machine should also preferably stand on something and be kept clear of the floor, so that it does not get too much fur and dirt sucked into the filter. Then you avoid having to clean it quite as often.

    The blower accessories, which are nice to have and/or which are for you who do not want to go down on equipment, are offered as follows:

    • Floor stand: With the stand you get complete freedom of movement with the machine around the table and the dog. It will also make it easy and quick to regulate strength and heat, just as the blower is kept clear of the floor.
    • Wall mount: As with the stand, the machine will be kept clear of the floor and will have a fixed place to stand.
    • Pipe/hair dryer beak: A holder for the hose, so you can have both hands free.

    When and how often should the blower be used?

    The blower can advantageously become part of everyday life. It can, for example, be after the walk, where the dog can quickly become dusty or wet. We recommend that it is used regularly on dry fur and preferably every time on wet fur after washing - it will quickly prove indispensable. If your blower is used regularly, you will have a dog that sheds less and is less dirty.

    How is the blower used?

    The dog should preferably stand up on a table when it needs to be dried. Please also make sure that the blower is clear of the floor, so that less dirt and hair gets into the filter when you switch on the machine. If your puppy or dog is not used to the machine, this should be trained as early as possible.

    Use the machine all over the body with the hairs, and give yourself plenty of time to get around well everywhere. When you get to the head, be careful not to blow directly into the ears and eyes. You avoid this by holding the mouthpiece close to the dog's head, as this will limit the outline that will be blown. That way, you get the wind exactly where you want it, without the dog getting the air directly in its eyes or ears.


    If the blower and filter are kept clean, it will extend the service life considerably. After use, switch off the machine and remove the plug from the socket. This is always done before a cleaning. The filter is then removed so that hair can be removed and dust can be cleaned.

    GroomUs' experience with blowers

    GroomUs was one of the first in the industry to replace the dog hair dryer with the blower as we could see its benefits. Over 30+ years, we have tested over 100 different blowers and know everything about the subject, and we are happy to share our experience. You are therefore very welcome to contact us and have a chat about blowers on +45 28 10 89 22 .