Mendota Sporline 5 m long & 13 mm thick

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Mendota Pet was founded in the USA in 1994 and has been providing high quality dog ​​products ever since. All the products are manufactured in the USA, with the dog leads being made by hand in Saint Paul, Minnesota. All Mendota dog leads are built to last the dog's life.

    7 products
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    Make walking even better with Sporliner from Mendota

    Mendota is available in 2 lengths & 2 thicknesses

    • The short leads of 180 cm are perfect for short walks, where you need to control your dog, e.g. in/out of the car.
    • The long lines of 5 meters are perfect for walks, where the dog must have the feeling of being as free as possible.
    • The 9 mm lines are good for puppies and small/medium breeds, up to 22 kg.
    • The 13 mm lines are for large dogs and/or dogs that pull a lot, the carabiner is stronger at 13 mm.

    That's why GroomUs recommends the Mendota 5-meter line for walks

    At GroomUs, we recommend using a long loose Mendota line for your dog rather than a FlexLine. The loose leashes are healthier for the dogs, as the dog does not experience the violent jerks/stops and there is no constant pressure on the leash that can create counter pressure. Puppies and young dogs in particular have no idea when a Flexline runs out and all of a sudden they are stopped hard when there is no more Flexline.

    Unfortunately, there are now many examples of dogs having gone astray when using the FlexLiner, as over time they can break under pressure, or the owner can drop the FlexLiner out of their hand in an inattentive moment. It doesn't take much before things can go wrong. With the long line from Mendota, you have security with the loop around the wrist, the dog gets a better sense of freedom, and you have better contact through the line.

    New research has shown that dogs on a long loose lead (e.g. 5 meter Mendota line) increase the dog's sniffing behavior and make your dog more relaxed and calm on walks than if it is on a short lead. The long Mendota leashes are good for all dogs, as it promotes the experience of freedom on the walk. In addition, the line does not become entangled in the fur, so that it cannot be removed.

    If the dog reacts to other dogs or pulls a lot on the leash, we as dog owners tend to go with very short leashes. We want better control of the dog, but it actually seems the opposite. BAT trainers therefore always use Mendota's 5 meter line in their BAT training. The Mendota line is round and fits well in the hand and, if necessary, pull, it doesn't make burn marks.

    You can read more about BAT here:

    Read about the research here:

    About the producer behind Mendota

    In 1994, Mendota Pet was founded in the USA and has since supplied quality dog ​​products for many years. All the products are produced in the USA, where the dog leashes are handmade in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Mendota's dog equipment is built to last the dog's entire life. This strong but exceptionally soft material is made of polypropylene, which is also used for textiles, and does not burn in the hands like ordinary nylon dog leads.