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At GroomUs, we offer you quality products for everything within fur care and styling of your dog. Our selection of fur care products is carefully selected and are some that we ourselves use in the kennel every day. We are experts in fur care, and you are very welcome to contact us to have a chat about the subject. We are always ready with good advice and guidance.

    15 products
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    Fur care for every fur type - and problem

    Caring for the fur is a big and important part of having a four-legged friend. It belongs when it comes to the dog's health and well-being - regardless of the breed. However, the need for care is very individual, depending on the breed. However, there are two main purposes to pursue, which relate to whether maintenance or troubleshooting is desired. For both wishes, you must know your dog's hair texture, hair type and condition. Here there are many characteristics that it can fall under. It can be, among other things:

    1. Double coated or rough-haired
    2. Greasy or dry
    3. Damaged or healthy

    Dog owners therefore have very different wishes for what their fur care products should be able to do. If your dog is double coated or rough-haired, it is an idea to find a shampoo that matches the coat type. If it has damaged strands of hair, you should look for products that can repair, strengthen and/or protect. GroomUs offers precisely fur care products that meet the individual needs of our four-legged customers. So here you will definitely find something that suits your dog and his/her coat.

    When you have found what can help solve your needs and/or problems, you must now start the process of fur care, which you, if you are green in the field, can get help with with an explanation of the various steps below. If your dog is a puppy, you will not regret introducing all fur care procedures, equipment, touches, etc. as early as possible. This applies, for example, to a blower, that of standing calmly on the grooming table, knowing that it is fur care time, nail clipping, brushing, etc. The more familiar and comfortable the dog becomes, the easier the whole fur care process becomes.
    REMEMBER plenty of treats!

    Step 1: Wash

    The first step during fur care is washing. When your dog needs a bath, you must have the correct fur products that can meet your wishes and needs. Under "Washing & Care", you can find our selection of shampoos, conditioners and other care and styling products, just as you can also find washing accessories that can/should be used during and after washing the dog (sponges, gloves, towels, etc.).

    Step 2: Drying

    After the bath and most of the water is removed with a towel or washcloth, it's next time for fur grooming on the grooming table (any table of similar size can be used). Start out with the blower so that the coat is blown completely dry. Both trimming tables, as well as blowers, can be found under "Grooming equipment", just as there are hangers, chairs and other things that can be useful during drying.

    Step 3: Grooming, trimming and styling

    When the dog is dry of water, the actual grooming part can begin. Again, the grooming table will be indispensable in connection with a view of the dog's entire body, and not least, it will remedy bad working positions. Grooming and trimming give you the opportunity to care for the fur, as well as improve the condition and shape of the fur. For all this, under "Grooming" we have a large selection of combs, brushes, cards, trimming knives, scissors and much more - and not least, in different sizes. Styling is possibly the last step and is especially for you who participate in shows and similar exhibitions. Here you can examine both the options under the aforementioned, but also fur care products under "Wash & Care", where we have a large selection of styling products.

    At GroomUs, we are experts in fur care

    With more than 30 years of experience with exhibitions, shows and the kennel, we have tried a lot of different products and selected the best available for fur care of your dog. In addition, we collaborate with exhibitors, salons and kennels, where we test new fur care products to ensure that we always have the best on the market. This means that, regardless of whether you are looking for products for washing, grooming or styling, we have the best you can get for your dog's fur care. The products we sell are the ones we ourselves use in everyday life, because they work and because they give the desired results - right from the very first use. If you want to see improved results in your dog's fur care, start here. Happy shopping!