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    With a dog in the home, more is needed than water and food. Equipment such as dog beds and blankets, various types of bedding for the dog, both cooling mats and bedding for puppies, as well as books full of knowledge, are useful equipment for the home. A wide selection of this can be found here.

    Before you buy the dog bed

    Which dog bed is best for your dog is very much about safety. There must always be something recognizable for your dog. CBK dog rugs are GroomUs' own brand with a focus on quality and functionality. CBK dog blankets are made of fleece, which gives your dog a recognizability in the form of the soft fur-like material. The rugs are designed to be easily folded so you can take it with you everywhere. Whether it's a long drive in the car or on holiday, you can easily take the CBK dog blanket with you, so that your dog always has something recognizable with him. You can also put the dog blanket in your new dog basket so that your dog can recognize it. In addition, all our dog beds and dog blankets can be easily washed.

    Puppy mat - a help for the home

    At GroomUs, we have learned that the puppy mat is an indispensable help for the home. Its incredible absorbency and impermeability as well as reusability make it an everyday necessity. The puppy pad protects against urine, faeces, vomit, blood etc. and despite the name, the puppy blanket can be used for all dogs, young and old. The puppy blanket can be easily transported anywhere, whether it is to be used on the floor, in the car, in the bed, in the dog basket or in the transport box.

    The advantage of cooling mats for hot days

    The cooling mat for the dog works by regulating the dog's body temperature on hot summer days. All you have to do is prepare the mat and when your dog lies down, the internal gel cools the mat immediately. You should therefore not put it in the fridge or pour cold water over the cooling mat. The gel that the blanket contains is non-toxic, but we do not recommend that you use the blanket for a destructive puppy or dog.

    Choose the right one

    Regardless of whether you need home equipment for your puppy or adult dog, you are very welcome to contact us and have a chat. It can be difficult to know which size dog bed is best for your dog or which material your dog will like best. We are always ready with good advice and guidance on what you need. We can be reached by email  or by phone +45 28 10 89 22.