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GroomUs offers high quality grooming tables, our electric grooming tables have a DANSK LINAK motor, it is one of the best on the market. Our regular trimming tables are all lightweight tables, easy to fold up and put in after use. A grooming table is essential grooming equipment to have when it comes to your dog's fur care. In our assortment of grooming tables, you will find tables of different sizes and of different types, so you can find exactly the grooming table that suits you, whether you need to use the grooming table for fur care at home, for a show or in the salon. You can see our selection of trimming tables here.

    8 products
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    The advantages of trimming tables

    Grooming tables can be used for all types of grooming, including a ride with a blower, nail clipping, fur trimming, fur care and styling. Regardless of whether it is for special events or for everyday use, the trimming table will become indispensable.

    In addition, grooming tables can also be used for other situations where it would be nice to get the dog up in height and have it stand completely still. It can, for example, be during a health check, where you feel around the dog's body or check for ticks, wounds, etc.

    When it comes to grooming tables, at GroomUs we particularly focus on quality rather than quantity, so it will be a good investment for you. We want to offer only the best and in the jungle of trimming tables, have found them for you.

    Why use trimming tables?

    The trimming table is important to have for several reasons:

    1. First of all, because the dog learns to connect the table and to get up there with comfort, care and me time.
    2. Next, the at least equally important factor is that it is the best thing you can do for your body. You will get better working angles, which will provide improved postures, and you will avoid back strain.
    3. The third reason is that you get a view of the dog's entire body and can care for it anywhere - without ending up in bad working positions or the dog moving around.
    4. The dog comes up on a table that restricts movement, and you can better be allowed to do your fur work.

    Of additional advantages, it can also be mentioned that the grooming table is built specifically for dogs. This means that it i.a. can withstand a bit of everything and is anti-static and step-proof for the dog. Other advantages include that our selection of trimming tables is:

    • Lightweight tables that can be folded together
    • Quality tables that will last
    • Transportable and travel friendly

    GroomUs' range of grooming tables

    Our trimming tables are carefully selected so that we only offer you the best on the market. It is high quality that will last a long time. The grooming table is a must-have for the care of your dog. Under Accessories for Trimming Tables you can see our selection of hangers and covers etc. for the grooming tables, so you won't step on the equipment when grooming your dog's fur.

    If you have any doubts about grooming tables and accessories, you are always welcome to ask us - we are happy to help with advice and guidance at groomus@groomus and +45 28 10 89 22 all weekdays at 10-18 .