Monster Wet Food

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Monster wet food is good for fussy dogs, sick dogs that don't have a great appetite. Mix a little wet food with Monster dry food, it's just the finishing touch. Monster wet food for puppies is good to start with when the puppies have to start on solid food. Monster wet food is made from the best ingredients, so you are sure that your dog is getting the best of the best. It is intended for all dog breeds, both large and small.

    13 products

    Why Monster wet food?

    Monster wet food is not just food for the dog, it is healthy food that is made in the best quality. It can be used as a supplement to the dry food, or it can completely replace the dry food. It is made from natural ingredients, so you are sure that you are giving your dog the best nutrition.

    Monster wet food has food for both the adult dog and the puppy. Wet food is very ideal for the puppy who is getting used to eating food and for the picky dog. Wet food can also be a good idea if you have a dog with bad teeth.

    Why do we recommend Monster wet food?

    We are happy with the many varieties in Monster wet food, there is plenty of opportunity to change varieties if you have a picky or sick dog who quickly gets cold feet on the same food every day. Below we explain a little more about why we are so happy with the different variants:

    • Good natural nutrition: Made from good proteins expertly balanced with nutrient-rich superfoods. It provides a complete and balanced meal for the dog that contains the nutrients your dog needs to thrive. There are no unnecessary fillers.
    • Tasty food that the dog will love: There are a multitude of different recipes, so your dog can get more than one kind. The ones you find with us are grain-free.
    • Lean body mass and muscle tone: These recipes are made with a high concentration of protein that comes from fresh meat ingredients. There are no meat by-products, wheat, corn, soy, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.
    • Good for the dog's body: Premium and nutrient-rich ingredients, as well as guaranteed mineral levels support strong immune systems, optimal energy, digestive health and healthy skin and fur.
    • Best nutrition: Monster wet food is created by nutritionists, veterinarians and animal lovers. The recipes provide an ideal balance between nature's finest ingredients, carefully selected to nourish and maintain your dog's well-being.

    Good taste for all dogs

    You can get, among other things, chicken & duck, lamb & pumpkin and turkey & goat. These are just some of the flavors you can find with us.

    You can also be sure that there is Monster wet food specifically for puppies. They should not have the same nutrition as adult and developed dogs. It gives your puppy the best start in life. It is grain-free, precisely because grains can contribute to problems with the skin, fur and intestines. It is, like all the other food from Monster, hypoallergenic to help dogs with sensitive stomachs.