I'm So Silky Leave-on Conditioner - for wrap & dry ends

SO POSH SKU: 4742124009151

I'm So Silky Leave-on Conditioner - for wrap & dry ends

SO POSH SKU: 4742124009151
• Super softening conditioner for long fur, makes the fur antistatic and prevents filter • Diluted: 1:20 or according to own experience with the product • Contains Crosilk ™; the content of silk protein that adds softness, smoothness and elegance • Ideal for use with SO POSH Coatoil • Free from parabens and silicones and is pH balanced • Made in Europe
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I'm So Silky Leave-on Conditioner gives a beautiful shine.
Developed especially for everyday washing of long-haired furs. Provides a felt-free, soft, antistatic coat between e.g. Exhibitions.

  • I'm So Silky Leave-on Conditioner is mild but effective, so it can be used as often as you like without irritating the skin.
  • SO POSH products only use preservatives certified by Ecocert.
  • SO POSH products are only mildly perfumed to reduce the risk of allergic reactions from both dogs and humans.
  • SO POSH products are manufactured in Europe and have reusable packaging, which reduces the climate impact.
  • SO POSH conditioner is easy to rinse out, and you can clearly feel when the fur is free of the product.
  • SO POSH products affect the dog's drying time, many find that it is much faster to dry the dog after bathing with a So Posh product.

For wrapping / fur protection without oil

Make a conditioner mixture with 1: 16-1: 20 (depending on the coat and what result is desired) Shake the mixture at regular intervals to keep the mixture evenly distributed.
Pour over the entire coat, making sure it reaches even the bottom layer and problem areas, squeeze most of the coat out, don't rinse. Place a towel around the dog. Dry the fur as usual and pack or let the fur dry itself.

For wrapping / fur protection with oil

Those who prefer to use fur oil, e.g. for coats to be wrapped, add SO POSH Coat Oil to the Leave-On conditioner mixture, shaking the mixture periodically to keep the oil evenly distributed.
For Maltese and Yorkie 5 ml and Shih Tzu 10-15 ml is enough, shake the mixture well and pour it into all layers of the coat. Do not rinse. Dry the fur as usual and pack or let the fur dry itself


Consisting of free amino acids found in silk, these are beneficial and nurturing and can penetrate the skin and coat, both healthy and damaged.


Water, Glycerin, Argan Oil, Silk protein, Citric acid, Vitamin A, Perfume, Preservative

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