Mendota Retrieverline Ruby 1.8 meters long, 13 mm thick

Mendota SKU: 02849
Mendota Retrieverline Ruby 1.8 meters long, 13 mm thick

Mendota Retrieverline Ruby 1.8 meters long, 13 mm thick

Mendota SKU: 02849
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This Drop Lead from Mendota is a real Best Seller. A Slip Leash is perhaps better known as a retriever line in Denmark. This combination, where leash and collar are in one, is really good for training and very user-friendly. Mendota's retriever liner is handmade in a durable quality and is available in many exciting colors. The retriever line is quick and easy to put on and take off. The retriever line is made of polypropylene, which is a material that is very strong and can withstand strong pulls. These retriever lines are dirt and water resistant and keep the color for a long time. The handle is sewn together with leather, and a leather stop was put on. The retriever line has an integrated collar with a metal ring and a leather clip ensures that your dog cannot escape from the collar. A Slip Leash is smart to use in situations where you need to be able to get the line on and off quickly. The retriever line only needs to be pulled down over the dog's head, and then you are ready. This retriever line is particularly suitable for hunting, dog training and for competitions where it is an advantage to be able to quickly get the leash on and off your dog.

The Mendota Slip Leash is available in 2 thicknesses

  • The 9 mm lines are good for puppies and small/medium breeds.
  • The 13 mm lines are for large dogs and/or dogs that pull a lot, the carabiner is stronger at 13 mm.

About Mendota Pet

Mendota Pet was founded in the USA in 1994 and has been supplying high quality dog ​​products for many years. All the products are produced in the USA, where the dog leashes are, for example, handmade in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Mendota's dog equipment is built to last the dog's entire life.

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