Pickle Pocket, By Starmark For regular treats

Starmark SKU: 2203-EUPPG
Pickle Pocket, By Starmark For regular treats

Pickle Pocket, By Starmark For regular treats

Starmark SKU: 2203-EUPPG
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Description of Pickle Pocket from Starmark

Treat Dispensing Pickle Pocket is extremely durable yet soft in your dog's mouth! Stronger than rubber! Great for power chewers. It encourages fun play and helps reduce anxiety and boredom behavior because it is so soft that the dog can chew on it. It can be used as chewing gum and because of its special surface it helps to clean the teeth. The Pickle Pocket is ideal for feeding your dog its meals or for use as a regular ball. Increase the challenge by adding smaller treats inside it or put chew sticks or something else in it to use it as an activation.
The Starmark Pickle Pocket is elongated and round, and can be filled with goodies in the wave-shaped holes. The dog has to make an active effort to get the treats out, but the dog can also play with the Pickle Pocket without contents. Pickle Pocket is an interactive toy that can be thrown and retrieved like any ball. Due to the shape, it lands differently every time, which makes it harder for the dog to predict where exactly the ball will land. Pickle Pocket can be used for all ball-loving dogs who love an extra reward while playing. Pickle Pocket is easy for you to throw and fun for the dog to retrieve - it can also float in water. When the ball lands on the ground, treats can fall out and is ideal for entertaining a puppy or young dog. Pickle Pocket is suitable for young dogs who need to learn to work for the treats. When your dog is more experienced and you need to increase the degree of difficulty, you can advantageously switch to one of the Everlasting Treat Balls. Starmark Football does not scratch and is not noisy on hard floors

Advantages and characteristics of activity toys from Starmark

  • Pickle Pocket encourages play, which helps reduce anxiety and boredom.
  • Puppy teeth: The Starmark dog toy is good activity for a puppy that is changing teeth.
  • The Starmark dog toy is made of a durable material that is stronger than rubber and is very suitable for washable "chewing machines"
  • The Starmark dog toys do not contain latex, vinyl or phthalates
  • Training aid: The Starmark dog toy can be used for all types of dog training and will, for example, be good for training your dog for fixed lying places, for example in the basket.
  • Healthy treats: The Starmark dog toys allow you to develop your dog's favorite pastime by inserting different kinds of treats for variety.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Perfect for good dental hygiene


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