Lightweight Trimming table with black table top 75x47 cm

Letvægts trimmebord med sort bordplade og stel i metal fra GroomUs.

Lightweight Trimming table with black table top 75x47 cm

A must-have for blowing and grooming your dog Non-slip surface 82 cm high Weighs only 10 kg Hanger included Easy to fold Travel-friendly Easy-to-clean, anti-static surface Resistant to scratches and scuffs Made of stainless steel
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A trimming table can quickly become indispensable once you've tried one – and for good reason. It is a great help when your dog needs to be looked after and groomed. This is, firstly, because your dog comes up to a certain height that accommodates your posture, working angles and your view of the dog's entire body. Secondly, because your dog quickly learns to connect the grooming table and to get on it with comfort and grooming time.

This black, lightweight grooming table will make your everyday life with a dog much easier when he/she needs to be blown, groomed and cuddled. It meets the requirements it must be able to meet - and more!

The lightweight table does not weigh very much, although neither the size nor the quality have been compromised. If it needs to hold heavy weight, there are also support brackets. In the same connection, it can be mentioned that the table can be folded quickly and easily. Those properties come into their own if/when you want to transport with the trimming table in connection with e.g. shows or the like.

The surface of this lightweight grooming table is made of black, matt rubber, which with its non-slip and anti-static effects ensures that your dog does not slip or get static fur. You thus get the best opportunities to be able to trim, groom and care for your dog.

It can also be said that the grooming table is of high quality, which is why it is resistant to scratches and scuffs, just as the steel is stainless. You will therefore get a highly recommendable, lightweight, high-quality grooming table with functions and qualities where both the dog and the dog owner have been catered for.

With 3 different sizes to choose from, you can get the lightweight trimming table that suits you and your needs.

Weight and Measurements

Small table: 10 kg
Width: 75 cm
Depth: 47 cm
Height: 82 cm

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