KISS Grooming Thinner 5.0'' Dog scissors 5 Star series – Quality scissors

Kiss SKU: KS-C4250
KISS Grooming Thinner 5.0&
KISS Grooming Thinner 5.0&

KISS Grooming Thinner 5.0'' Dog scissors 5 Star series – Quality scissors

Kiss SKU: KS-C4250
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KISS dog scissors Effiler 5.0''

This is for you who want the best scissor quality, regardless of whether you are a professional or cut at home. Kiss Grooming's 5 Star series has the highest quality in dog scissors, where everything from material to design has been thought through down to the smallest detail.

These dog shears are handcrafted in Japanese steel, ensuring long durability and performance. You therefore get a pair of dog scissors in a delicious material that will last flawlessly for many years and hours of use.

In addition, the scissors are designed so that they sit perfectly in the hand and have a good grip, so that you always have a strong feeling between the scissors and the dog's fur, which provides all measures for good precision work. In the same way, the blades are designed specifically for cutting animal fur, which is why the blades will easily and flawlessly cut off the dog's hair, no matter how long, short, curly, rough, etc.

The dog shears are 12.7 cm and, as the name "thinner" indicates, have blades that are specialized for thinning and thinning the fur as well as correcting and correcting any mistakes. It can save the haircut and is therefore really good to have, regardless of whether you are clipping a dog at home or as a professional. The scissors do not disappoint, as they create a nice cut and a professional result. In other words, dog scissors that are essential when cutting a dog.

In addition to the Kiss Grooming Thinner 5.0'' dog scissors, our recommendations are to put together your scissors set with Kiss Grooming's Straight 5.0'', which can do what their Thinner dog scissors are not made for and vice versa.

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