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    The best nutrition for your dog  

    In 1970, the foundation stone for Monster was laid, when they started producing cat and dog food. Although they have been around for many years now, Monster is still a family-owned manufacturer of feed located in Sweden. Their many years of experience with dog food ensure that your dog gets exciting flavor combinations as well as lots of proteins and vitamins. For Monster, it is important to produce high-quality dog ​​food with meat as the primary ingredient. For this, only natural ingredients are used with supplements of vitamins and minerals, so that there are no unnatural or unnecessary supplements in the dog food.  

    Monster has dog food for all stages of your dog's life – from puppy to adult to senior, as well as for all sizes. This way, your dog can have a unique taste experience with Monster dog food, whether it is large, medium or small.  

      Monster Original dry food  

      You can get dry food from Monster in exciting flavours, so there is definitely something for even the pickiest dog. Here you have the opportunity to choose from several meat-based types of dry food. All dogs can have the dry food, however, dry food is also specially made:  

      • For puppies  
      • With high protein content  
      • For sterilized dogs

      The difference between Monster Original dry food and Monster grain-free dry food is that Monster Original dry food contains oats. This is the only grain used by Monster in their dog food. Oats contain a low glycemic index without gluten, on the other hand, oats are good for your dog's digestion. In addition, oats are a mild and slow source of carbohydrates, which means that they provide your dog with long-lasting energy.  

      Monster grain-free dry food  

      Grain-free dry food from Monster is, as the name indicates, completely free of any type of grain. This means that the dog food is also 100% gluten-free. You can get grain-free dry food in 4 exciting flavours: 

      • Turkey and chicken  
      • Lamb  
      • Deer  
      • Whitefish  

      The food bags for adult and senior dogs are suitable for all sizes and breeds, so if you have both a Great Dane and a Pug, they can share dog food. Monster Grain-free dry food is available for both puppies and adult dogs, so your dog can have the protein-filled dry food throughout his life.  

      Monster wet food  

      Monster has an exciting selection of wet food made for both puppies and adult dogs. Wet food is especially suitable for small puppies that need solid food. You can advantageously use Monster wet food both for a whole meal or as an extra snack in everyday life.  

      The exciting flavor combinations will make any dog ​​look forward to the next meal.

      Switch to dog food from Monster  

      It may take some time for your dog to get used to new food. At GroomUs, we suggest a gradual transition. Here you can advantageously mix the new feed with the old 50/50 for 3-4 days. This gives your dog's digestive system time to get used to the change, and after the 3-4 days you can use the new dog food 100% without your dog getting an upset stomach.  

      Choice of feed  

      Do you find it difficult to figure out what type of dog food to choose? Are you perhaps a new dog owner and think it can be difficult to decipher the ingredient lists on the dog food? GroomUs only sells dog food that has been tested by kennels and dog people. Therefore, you can be guaranteed that the dog food you find in our shop has been carefully selected by professionals and contains everything your dog needs in terms of nutrition, proteins and vitamins. A good rule of thumb is to see which ingredient is listed first on the dog food. In dog food from Monster, meat always comes first, as it is the primary ingredient. Other types of dog food may have rice or grain listed as the first ingredient. These are often used as extra filling in the dog food, go instead for the type of dog food where meat is first on the list, as this ensures that there is as much nutrition as possible in the dog food without unnecessary carbohydrates. Are you still in doubt or have questions about what kind of dog food or flavor is right for your dog? Contact us on +45 28 10 89 22 for personal guidance.