Cactus with rope

CBK SKU: Puzzle Toyturkis
Cactus with rope
Cactus with rope
Cactus with rope

Cactus with rope

CBK SKU: Puzzle Toyturkis
• Activates your dog • Reduces boredom and separation anxiety • Can be combined with treats, wet food and dog toothpaste • Good for oral hygiene • Removes plaque and tartar • Made from environmentally friendly, non-toxic TPR material • Available in 3 colors
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Activity toys for entertainment and teeth cleaning

Give your dog healthier oral hygiene while having fun with this cactus-shaped activity toy. The cactus is designed with several bumps and shapes on the surface, which are fun for the dog to bite into and help clean the dog's teeth.

The middle of the cactus is hollow, so you can tie the rope up at one end and take it out. You can then fill the hole with treats or wet food and use the cactus as a long-lasting snack for your dog. When your dog is done, you can wash the cactus and put the rope back in.

Give your dog healthy teeth

The pads on the surface of the dog toy are designed so that they can clean the teeth all around while your dog chews on the cactus. The toy removes plaque and dirt, so your dog has better oral hygiene. Instead of treats, you can put dog toothpaste in the sides of the cactus . The teeth cleaning becomes extra effective, and you can use it as a substitute for the dog toothbrush.

The activity toy can be used for dogs of all ages and sizes, as the cactus is made of robust material that can be chewed on for a long time. Should your dog bite the toy or eat it, the dog toy is made of TPR material, which is not harmful.

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