Tauro Pro Line Blower - Silent

Tauro Pro Line Blower - Silent
Tauro Pro Line Blower - Silent
Tauro Pro Line Blower - Silent
Tauro Pro Line Blower - Silent
Tauro Pro Line Blower - Silent

Tauro Pro Line Blower - Silent

• Tauro Pro Line Blower is especially good for smaller breeds or dogs with less fur • With specially developed ion technology • Is super efficient and can be used for both private and professional use • Is quiet • Has 2 heat settings (weak and hot) • Has a good heat even at low speed. • It is easy to regulate the blowing force • Elegant design with body in white • Tauro Pro Line Blower comes with 3 nozzles • Has a flexible hose that makes it easy to blow your dog from all sides • Use a blower first and you save time on brush and comb
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Tauro Pro Line Blower – Perfect for smaller races 

The Tauro Pro Line blower is compact in size. The blower has a simple and elegant design with a glossy surface in a nice white colour; in addition, it weighs only 4.7 kg, so you can easily take it out for use and with you at shows. When you have finished using the blower, you can put it in a cupboard or on a shelf without it taking up too much space. The Tauro Pro Line blower has a functional design that means you can use it in many ways. You can put the blower on any surface, hang it from the ceiling or attach it to a stand.

The blower from Tauro Pro Line is not only nice to look at, it has a powerful motor that makes blowing your dog a breeze. With its 2800 W motor, there is plenty of power in the blower, which makes it compete with the larger blowers with two motors. The motor means that the blower does not take a big bite out of the electricity bill, as the Tauro Pro Line has focused on using the latest technology. Therefore, you can be sure that their blower provides the best blowing power with the least possible power consumption.

Tauro Pro Line's special ion technology

The blower from Tauro Pro Line is designed with a special ion technology that shortens the drying time. The ion technology generates negatively charged ions, which helps to make the blowing anti-static. In this way, the dog's fur does not become static during blowing, and it is easier for you to care for and brush the fur afterwards.

In addition, the smart ion technology means that the water evaporates faster from the fur and the blowing becomes more even and smooth. It helps to give the dog a healthy and soft coat.

What you get in the package

With the Tauro Pro Line blower, you get a total of 3 mouthpieces, so you have more options while you blow. You get a wide nozzle, which means you can blow a larger area at a time and get the coat dry faster. You get a round nozzle that concentrates the wind around a smaller area that gets dry in a hurry. In addition, you get a narrow nozzle that gives a strong wind, so that the dog dries its coat faster, which becomes nice and straight. The blower's hose has a handle that is comfortable to hold, so you don't get wrist pain. The flexible hose makes it easy for you to get all the way around the dog, so you can blow from all angles and thereby dry places that might otherwise be difficult to reach. In general, it is incredibly easy to use the Tauro Pro Line blower, as it has stepless regulation of the wind strength.

All in all, the blower from Tauro Pro Line gives you more time to spend with your four-legged friend. You save time with combs and brushes when your dog is in a mess, just as you save time every time you wash a dog. With its easy and functional settings, you can spend more time fussing over the dog and giving treats while using the blower. Therefore, the Tauro Pro Line blower is not only a good match for you, it is also pleasant for the dog to be blown. You can use the Tauro Pro Line blower for dogs of all sizes and all breeds, just as it can be used by everyone, both professionals and private individuals. The blower is simple and easy to learn to use if you are not used to using blowers or need to change from another type of blower.

Why use a blower for your dog?

Haven't you tried using a blower for your dog before? You might be thinking, why blow a dog? Fortunately, the Tauro Pro Line blower can be used for several things. If you have a dog that sheds a lot, you can easily spend half an hour with the blower and blow off the loose fur. In this way, you avoid spending a long time with a comb or brush to get rid of the loose hairs. You can easily take the blower outside when your dog is in a big mess, so you don't have to take a trip with the vacuum cleaner afterwards. If you have a dog that requires a lot of fur care and needs a bath regularly, you don't have to spend a long time with the towel, as the blower makes the drying process simple and pleasant for both you and the dog. With the Tauro Pro Line blower, you get effective drying of your dog after washing.

Tauro Pro Line Blower specifications

  • 2800W
  • Heat 600 W
  • Maximum blowing force: 920 g
  • Quiet: 75 dB
  • Weighs 4.7 kg
  • Maximum speed: 525 MPM/66,000 FPM
  • Maximum wind force: 7 CBM/ 290 CFM
  • Color: White
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      Tauro Pro Line Blower - Silent
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