Luxury donut dog bed with zipper and removable cover By CBK in Dark Sand

Luxury donut dog bed with zipper and removable cover By CBK in Dark Sand
Luksus donut hundeseng Med lynlås og aftagelig betræk By CBK i Khaki - GroomUs
Samojed i Donut hundeseng fra CBK - GroomUs

Luxury donut dog bed with zipper and removable cover By CBK in Dark Sand

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Coziness, comfort and relaxation are prioritized with this luxury CBK donut dog bed. It is not without reason that the donut-shaped dog beds are hugely popular among dogs and owners. We have found the best version in relation to the price, so we can offer you high quality, namely this CBK donut dog bed.

Comfort at the highest level
Already at the sight of this dog bed, it looks immeasurably soft, full and fluffy - and it is to that extent too! Both the interior and the exterior are made of the softest material. The filling is soft and expandable, which allows the dog to snuggle down in the bed. The fabric on the outside is the soft fleece, which with its 4 cm long strips makes the donut bed fluffy.

In addition, the CBK bed has a non-slip base, so it stands better on the floor.

Removable covers - easy to wash
Should your dog have an accident in the bed or it just needs a round of washing, you can quickly remove the cover and have it washed clean and nice again (see washing instructions below). There are two removable covers that can be easily removed with a zip.
This means you don't have to wash the entire dog bed, which would cause it to lose or change its shape and volume.

Soothing and reassuring
With its donut shape, this premium donut bed creates an edge around the entire bed that can have a calming and reassuring effect, which are important properties for the bed that will be the dog's sleeping or resting place.
It is especially an advantage for dogs that tend to get scared, nervous or similar easily, e.g. in case of separation and being alone at home. The fact that the donut dog bed is reassuring can therefore help them find the peace they may have difficulty finding or maintaining.
This effect can also be particularly helpful on days or periods when, for example, are fireworks, many visitors in the house or other stressful situations. It can help alleviate insecurity and act as a security from the outside world.

Supports the body and good sleep
In addition to the CBK dog bed providing enormous comfort with its soft materials and donut ring, it actually also helps to give the dog support in several ways. The donut frame provides support for the head and neck, while the expandable filling supports joints and muscles.

In addition, the donut bed with its calming effects also provides a calmness and security that can make dogs calm down faster and in stressful situations, which is why it contributes to better sleep, which will give more surplus and energy.

If the donut dog bed is unevenly shaped when you get it, you just have to shake and press the filling around a bit, and it will eventually settle where it should.

Measurements & size guide

The following guide is for example breeds, but go by your dog's actual size as well as the dog's way and habit of resting and sleeping.

Dog bed 80 cm:
80 cm outside
50 cm inside
Up to 20 kg, like Collie and Cocker Spaniel

Dog bed 100 cm:
100 cm outside
70 cm inside
Up to 40 kg, such as Golden Retriever, Labrador and German Shepherd

If you are still in doubt, go with the larger model. Better a bed that's a little too big for the dog than one that's a little too small - your dog will just love being able to spread out on an even bigger bed.

Washing instructions

Both the pillow and the donut ring around it have covers that can each be zipped off and washed.

Withstands gentle washing at a maximum of 30 degrees.

Centrifugation preferably on the lowest setting.

Tumbling to dry is possible, but wears down the fabric a lot, so it is only recommended to do so to a very limited extent.

Do not use bleach.

NOTE: Damage that occurs during washing and drying is not covered by the product warranty.


Fabric: Polyester fleece
Filled: Polyethylene fiber wool

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Luxury donut dog bed with zipper and removable cover By CBK in Dark Sand
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