Greyhound, Rock Wood Trim stone on wooden handle

Greyhound SKU: Rockwood
Greyhound, Rock Wood Trimmesten på træhåndtag i rød fra GroomUs

Greyhound, Rock Wood Trim stone on wooden handle

Greyhound SKU: Rockwood
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Description of the trim stone

Greyhound Rock Wood is a trimming stone which is combined with a wooden handle. It weighs less than a normal trimming stone but is just as effective.
The trim stone sits on a beautiful brown wooden handle with brass studs. Nice to look at and nice to use.

Cleaning: Dip and dry the stone, but do not soak the stone

Greyhound Combs - trimmers and stones are handmade by Ashley Craig

Authentic Greyhound Combs originally started in 1920 and Greyhound Combs continue to be handcrafted in England using the same special technology with pins that cannot bend or fall out. Each Greyhound Comb's comb is handcrafted, tooth by tooth, and then polished by hand. The pins are custom made to Ashley Craig's own specifications. For the final finish, Greyhound Combs combs are shipped across the Atlantic to the USA where they receive their final durable coating and engraving. The attractive finish on all authentic Greyhound Combs is handcrafted, and the expanded Authentic Greyhound Combs product line today includes more than 20 unique surface designs. The individual authentic Greyhound Combs comb has been through 11 pairs of hands before it appears perfect in one of the more than 20 different variants. The authentic Greyhound Combs are designed to last a lifetime, and the manufacturer behind them, Ashley Craig, manufactures 95% of all their products in-house. At Ashley Craig's own factory, the owner, Ruthi Ashley Stern, is personally very involved in quality assurance, so that only the best reaches the customers.

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