CORE Puppy Original Small/Medium Breed, Chicken & Turkey

CORE Puppy Original Small/Medium Breed, Chicken & Turkey 10 kg hos GroomUs
CORE Puppy Original Small/Medium Breed, Chicken & Turkey
CORE Puppy Original Small/Medium Breed, Chicken & Turkey

CORE Puppy Original Small/Medium Breed, Chicken & Turkey

• CORE dry food has meat or fish as the PRIMARY ingredient • CORE with prebiotics is healthy for the digestive system • CORE is 100% grain-free • CORE is 100% free from preservatives • CORE is 100% natural hypoallergenic food
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CORE Puppy Original

CORE Small & Medium Breed is recommended for the first 12 months for puppies that weigh less than 25 kg as adults.

Core wishes your dog a healthy and long dog life


Wellness CORE Puppy contains only the highest quality ingredients and gives your puppy the best start in life. Wellness CORE Puppy ensures essential nutrition in a minimally processed form that your puppy will love.
Wellness CORE Puppy, like all other products in our CORE dog food range, is grain-free. It is also hypoallergenic to help sensitive dogs, as well as ensure that all dogs look healthy and feel fresh.
At CORE, we reduce the total amount of carbohydrates, increase the level of protein and fat, without adding fillers.

Healthy tasty dog food

Wellness CORE Puppy is a natural grain-free food that ensures your puppy quality nutrition without artificial ingredients or additives that may be unhealthy for your dog. Wellness CORE puppy is rich in taste and increases the dog's acceptance.
Grains are among the most common causes of allergies in dogs, and can contribute to skin and coat problems or digestive problems. Grain also has a lower nutritional value than meat.

Healthy puppy - healthy growth

In the growing age, puppies need a balanced amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates for high energy requirements and growth. Calcium ensures optimal growth and strong bones.
Wellness CORE Puppy contains 73% protein ingredients with real turkey as the primary ingredient that naturally supports healthy energy and lean muscle.
Wellness CORE Puppy contains reduced amounts of carbohydrates and rich amounts of superfoods in the form of healthy fruits and vegetables.

Digestive system

Wellness CORE Puppy contains probiotics that contribute to healthy digestion. The beneficial bacteria strengthen your dog's immune system and intestinal flora, and your dog thereby gets optimal use of the nutrients in the dog food.

Feed change

When you choose to change feed, the introduction to the new feed should be done gradually. As a rule of thumb, ½ amount of new feed is mixed with ½ amount of the "old" feed for 3-4 days.
After this, the dog's digestive system has got used to the change, and the new dog food can then be fed 100% without the dog getting diarrhoea.


Turkey 32% (fresh turkey 16%, dehydrated turkey 16%), chicken 30% (dehydrated chicken 16%, chicken fat 8%, chicken stock 6%), peas, potato protein, beet pulp 4%, full-fat linseed 3%, dried potatoes, salmon oil 1%, cellulose, carrots, apples, yeast extract (source of mannan-oligosaccharides) 0.5%, dried chicory root (source of FOS and inulin) 0.5%, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, blueberries, cranberries, dried peppermint, glucosamine hydrochloride 100 mg / kg, Chondroitin sulfate 100 mg / kg, Yucca Schidigera.

CORE guarantees essential analytical components

Protein 37% Supports healthy growth and strong muscles
Fat content 17% Important source of energy that promotes metabolism
Calcium 1.8% Supports the development of strong teeth and bones
Omega-3 fatty acids 1.3% incl. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 0.1% Supports healthy brain and eye development
Omega-6 fatty acids 2.3% Contributes to healthy skin and fur
Crude fibers 3.8% Healthy digestion and satiety
Ash 9% Healthy minerals and vitamins
Phosphorus 1.1% Healthy minerals

Feeding instructions

Within different breeds, there is a big difference in how much dog food the dog should have. It is important that a puppy never feels thick , as it can be harmful to the joints, so that later in life it can develop joint problems.
Each dog within its breed is also unique, so the optimal amount of feeding can vary quite a bit, as activity level and environment come into play. We recommend that you mark your puppy once a week.
The amounts in the feeding schedule are given in daily rations, so the amount must be divided into the number of times you feed the puppy daily.
It is recommended to always have fresh water available for the dog. Regardless of whether you feed with dry or wet food.
Add cold water to the feed or serve it dry.


Indicative feed table, Core's measuring cup contains 250 g

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CORE Puppy Original Small/Medium Breed, Chicken & Turkey
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