CBK washcloth for dogs - High quality

Effektive vaskeskind fra CBK i assorterede farver. Fås kun hos GroomUs.
CBK washcloth for dogs - High quality
Rødt vaskeskind fra CBK, fås hos GroomUs.
Grønt vaskeskind fra CBK, fås hos GroomUs.
Orange vaskeskind fra CBK, fås hos GroomUs.
CBK vaskeskind i blå fra GroomUs.

CBK washcloth for dogs - High quality

• Drys your dog in half the time • Travel friendly • Can absorb 12 times its weight in water • Cooling properties for paws or as a blanket • Practical, included container • Machine washable • Assorted colors in pink, yellow, orange, purple, blue and green
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CBK washcloth for dogs

CBK's very own washcloth for dogs.

CBK's washcloth, with its enormous absorbent suction capacity, will change the way you dry your dog and become a must-have for drying your dog.

Washskin for dogs has several advantages: It does not take up much space, but can, despite its size, absorb a lot of water. The size and suction effect also make the washcloth extremely travel-friendly, as it will not take up too much space in the bag like a large towel would. Likewise, it can quickly dry the dog's fur and then fold it into the container even if it is not dry. It can be very practical on trips/journeys, although on a daily basis it is best to air dry.

A washcloth can also have a cooling effect on the dog, which can relieve your dog on hot days or places with high heat. It can be moistened and placed so that the dog's paws are cooled or placed over the body so that the whole body is cooled.

Last but not least, the washcloth can also remove a little dirt, which is an added advantage especially for you who go to shows and the like.

With such advantages, CBK has of course also expanded the range and got its own washcloth, so that the drying process and time after bathing is streamlined to the benefit of both dog and owner. The washcloth can even absorb up to 12 times its weight in water. It can thus absorb a great deal of the water from the dog's wet fur at a time. When it's full, you just twist it and keep going. When you have finished using it, it can either be hung to dry, but CBK's washcloth can of course also go in the washing machine, for as easy use as possible.

CBK's washcloth is soft and also comes in a container in which it can be stored if you have to leave the house. In addition, the container also protects by ensuring that nothing happens to the washcloth, just as it is protected from dirt.

The washcloth measures 43x65 cm, but is not decisive as to whether you can use it on your dog – small, large or in between – as you simply twist it up when it is full of water and repeat the process until you can't get more water from dogs' fur.

Instructions for use

Rinse the washcloth thoroughly before first use.
Before you start washing the dog, wet the washcloth and wring it out tightly. When the shampoo/conditioner has been completely rinsed out of the fur, the fur is squeezed free of water with the washcloth. The washcloth must be twisted continuously when it feels wet. Repeat on the whole body and remove over 50% of the water before blowing.

Storage info

The chamois remains soft if stored in the container. As soon as it becomes stiff, it can be softened with water.

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