Splash, By LickiMat Lick bowl with suction cup, Blue

LickiMat SKU: 12048
Splash, By LickiMat Slikkeskål med sugekop, Blå fra GroomUs

Splash, By LickiMat Lick bowl with suction cup, Blue

LickiMat SKU: 12048
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Description of LickiMat

LickiMats is an Australian company. Their unique products are designed by veterinarians. LickiMats are made by pet lovers and are suitable for both dogs and cats. LickiMats are designed to improve the animals' quality of life via mental health and good oral hygiene. The LickiMats series is based on a reward system where the dog is activated for a longer period while gradually eating their favorite treats. LickiMats are designed to calm and de-stress the dog by keeping it active while it is, for example, alone at home.
LickiMat Splash is a fun bowl with a suction cup at the back, which means it can be placed on smooth surfaces such as bathroom tiles, the bathtub or glass. The small dabs in the bowl make it difficult for the dog to eat its food, and cause the dog to work with its tongue and is 100% concentrated. When using the LickiMat, it is easier to cut nails, bathe and style the dog.
LickiMats are a fun activity for the dog to be fed on, due to the design it takes longer for the dog to work with his tongue, around all corners of the many squares, which means that the dog is entertained for a long time, and does not notice at all what happens around it.
If your dog tends to be wild around guests, then LickiMats are the perfect solution to get your dog to relax. Not only do LickiMats make the dog relax, LickiMats also cause the dog to release endorphins from the body. LickiMats can be used in other situations where your dog feels stressed or anxious, such as New Year's Eve or in connection with lightning and thunderstorms.

LickiMat is easy to clean by hand and lasts a long time

Benefits and features

  • Anxiety & Boredom: Using the LickiMat calms your dog while it enjoys its favorite treats. LickiMat is designed to reduce anxiety and calm the dog by encouraging a licking action so that your dog's tongue is stimulated. The extended licking action promoted by LickiMat causes a calming hormone to be released.

  • Training aid: LickiMat is used by dog ​​trainers in their training efforts. LickiMats are used for all types of dog training and are especially good for training your dog for fixed lying places, e.g. in the basket.

  • Improved oral hygiene: LickiMat causes your dog's mouth to be stimulated. This increases the production of saliva, which further cleans the tongue, teeth and gums of the dog. The dog's breath thereby becomes fresher. An increased production of saliva can also help digestion due to the content of enzymes.

  • LickiMat is recommended for both dogs and cats: The different surfaces work differently with different treats and wet food. Vary the treats to make LickiMat extra exciting.

  • Healthy Treats: LickiMat allows you to experiment and explore and develop your dog's favorite pastime. Your dog will appreciate your efforts.

  • Fewer treats, longer enjoyment: LickiMat makes it possible to spread out a thinner layer so that the dog can enjoy the activation over a longer period. In this way, the calorie intake can be adjusted as needed. LickiMat can be frozen so that the activation lasts even longer.

  • Eat slowly: LickiMat can be used to encourage slower eating. Very large dog breeds must have multiple LickiMats if used for feeding.

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Splash, By LickiMat Lick bowl with suction cup, Blue
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