Tornado blower - Best in test Powerful 2800W - weighs ONLY 5kg

Tornado blower fra CBK med karrosseri i sølv og slange i sort. Fås kun hos GroomUs.
Tornado blower - Best in test Powerful 2800W - weighs ONLY 5kg
Blowerteknikker med Tornadoblower fra CBK vises på Samojedhund.

Tornado blower - Best in test Powerful 2800W - weighs ONLY 5kg

• The Tornado blower has taken all the best from all other blowers on the market and compressed it into an elegant little metal cylinder. • Stepless regulation of the blowing force. • Cold and hot air can be regulated. • Used both for private and professional use. • Use the blower instead of comb and brush and save lots of time on fur care.
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Why choose a Tornado blower?

You can compare the Tornado blower to a flat screen TV. Today, unlike 10 years ago, it takes up much less space, can do much more, and costs much less!

Dog owners, dog exhibitors, breeders and dog groomers use the Tornado blower because:

  • It is easy to use both for beginners and seasoned dog people
  • Super strong quality and at the same time light and elegant
  • It can run from morning to night, day in and day out
  • It can be used for all small and large dog breeds, and it dries the fur in record time.
  • The blowing power can be adjusted as required by stepless regulation
  • It can blow with both cold and warm air, but it does not heat much if it runs on low power.
  • The flexible hose is easy to stand with, and you won't get neck and shoulder pain
  • The handle does not get hot, even if you stand with the blower for a long time
  • Quite simply, regardless of race and number, the Tornado blower can handle it all
  • It is light and compact to carry in a bag or keep in a cupboard
  • The Tornado blower can do 75% of the fur work instead of comb and brush
  • Can remove filter more gently than comb and brush
  • Especially on large fur dogs, the Tornado is good because it doesn't get so hot, heat wears on the fur, so turn off the heat as soon as the dog is half dry and if you blow on dry fur, do it all without heat.

The Tornado blower can quite simply do it all!

My name is Gitte Morell. I am the owner of GroomUs and I have had Samoyeds for over 30 years. I was one of the first to replace my hair dryer with a special hair dryer made for dogs. It is now approx. 30 years ago, and over the years I have tested over 100 types to find the best one. There have always been some compromises to be made, because I had to find the optimum in terms of size, strength, thin plastic, heavy iron case. However, one thing has always proved to be certain; price and durability were always linked. The cheap plastic models did not last for several years, the heavy powerful blowers required care in use or replacement of fuses in the house. But with the Tornado blower, I have found it all in one! It fully meets my expectations in terms of quality, design and price. The Tornado blower is both for everyday use and parties for all ages! Over the years, I have also learned some techniques which mean that I can do most of the grooming with a blower. New dog people often ask if I blow dry my dog's fur - and the answer is; Yes I do. It is easier and gentler for the dog. Skin and fur become healthier, and there is less dirt in the house.
If you want little tips and tricks and secure access to the exciting workshops, sign up for our newsletter and sign up to our Facebook page "GroomUs", where there are regular exciting initiatives.
Please call me if you have any questions about fur care. I am happy to help dog owners get started if there are challenges with using a blower because the dog is insecure. All it takes is guaranteed to be a few small tricks, then the dog managed to get used to it, and it is a shared joy for many years. It is so much easier to be able to use a blower in everyday life, for example when the dog is wet and dirty after a walk.


Colour: Silver metallic steel body
Maximum power: 2800W
Heating power: 600W
Blow force: 895 g
Maximum speed: 90 m / s
Highest temperature: 52 °
Noise: 86dbA

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Tornado blower - Best in test Powerful 2800W - weighs ONLY 5kg
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