Subscription to feed

Choose the size of your dog

After you have chosen the size of your dog, you will have the opportunity to purchase additional feed for your dog on a subscription basis. It is possible to choose a subscription in the form of every, second, third and fourth month

You can see the dog sizes below.

Small dog

See what will offer food for the smallest dogs

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Medium dogs (10-25 kg)

See what we offer in terms of food for the larger dogs

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Large dogs (25+ kg)

See what will offer food for the big dogs

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Are you in doubt about something?

When you have purchased a subscription, you will have the option to add and remove products as "one-time purchase" and "some subscription purchase" respectively

"One-time purchase" - The selected products are only purchased with the next order

"subscription purchase" - The selected products are added to all future orders

It is entirely up to you whether you want to cancel your subscription. This just needs to be done at least two weeks before your next delivery.

You also have the option to pause and resume your subscription. You can also skip a delivery, change your address and much, much more.