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See our range of the wonderful styling products from SO POSH. All the products are made with ecocert-certified herbs and are free of parabens and silicones, so they are healthy for both two- and four-legged animals.

    4 products
    Coat Oil "Secret recipe"
    So Sleek Finishing Cream - Gives the coat shine
    Harsh Harsh Dust 35 ml
    Oh, touch Me Spray 200 ml Need to make the coat harsher?

    Why choose SO POSH styling?

    All of the aforementioned products care for and nourish the fur, while some also provide structure and strength; for shows, the coat must be extra nice, which the styling products can help with.

    As I said, is SO POSH the products created and developed in connection with each other. You will thus achieve the best results by using SO POSH styling products together with their other products.

    • So Sleek is especially suitable for long-haired breeds and breeds with a drop coat, So Sleek gives a nice shine to the coat, just before going into the ring, and helps the coat not fly.
    • Coat Oil gives a nice shine to the coat, just before you go into the ring, as it is a care oil, so you care for the coat at the same time .
    • Oh, Touch Me is a texturizing spray that gives structure and strength. It is easy to use, as it can be used on both dry and wet fur as well as blow-drying or air-drying. The ingredient list consists of grapefruit oil, jojoba, UV filter and Ibiza sea salt.
    • Harsh Harsh Dust is for fur where even more structure and coarseness is desired. Although it is mild, it is effective, so the result can be seen for up to a few days.

    Read more about each product under their product descriptions. Do you need guidance for SO POSH styling, please contact us at or +45 28 10 89 22 .