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Dogs can have very sharp nails, or they can grow very long and not wear down naturally. It is not abnormal for the dog not to wear down its own nails, it just means that you have to take care of it yourself. Here we have a selection of different nail trimmers and nail grinders, so you can take the best care of your dog's nails. So that you can take the best care of your dog's entire paw, we also have paw trimmers. It is an important part of the fur care of some dogs that you take care of their paws. If your dog has a lot of fur under the paws, it is a good idea to trim it short to avoid discoloration in the fur or your dog getting fungus.

    4 products
    CBK Nail grinder for dogs - Quiet
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    Coarse Bit for nail grinding - Diamond drill
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    Kiss Paw trimmer, smart wireless trimmer - Best in test
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    KISS Cutter for potato trimmers

    Find the best tools for paw care

    Our selection consists of the nail grinder from CBK, as it is the best on the market for sharpening your dog's nails. Precisely because we know it is important that both you and your dog feel good when the nails need to be trimmed. The same applies to our paw trimmers, which are handy and easy to use when you need to trim your dog's paws.

    We only have the best tools, which we ourselves are really happy to use, and which we are sure is the best solution for you.

    CBK nail file

    CBK nail grinders are specially designed and developed by Gitte Morell to sharpen your dog's nails. With nail scissors, you can end up cutting too far into the nail, even so far that it starts to bleed and hurts the dog. That's why Gitte Morell designed the CBK nail grinder, since you sharpen the nails and not cut them, you avoid cutting too far and injuring the dog.

    The nail grinder from CBK is a wireless nail trimmer. It takes about two hours for a full charge and can be used for five hours on a single charge. Without a cord, you have freedom of movement, and the cord will not get in the way or be the cause of a poor grip on the nail grinder. As it is quiet, you will be able to sharpen the dog's nails quietly. It is especially good if your dog does not like a loud buzz and vibrations. CBK nail filers come in a variety of shapes and drill heads, so you're sure to customize and refine your dog's nails. It is with a very high quality diamond drill which lasts a long time.

    KISS Potato Trimmer

    The potato trimmer from KISS is small and handy. The paw trimmer is light and therefore easy to maneuver around while trimming the paws, so you can reach the hairs from all angles. The battery in the potato trimmer can run for 4 hours at a time, and you can advantageously "spot charge" it if you don't have time to fully charge it.

    At GroomUs we use nail trimmers and potato trimmers

    We always stand behind what we sell, precisely because we know how important it is that your dog feels good. We would therefore also really like to help you if there is anything you are in doubt about. Finally, get in touch so we can guide you to the best choice at or +45 28 10 89 22 all weekdays at 10-18.