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CORE dog food for a healthy and long dog life. Ingredients of the tastiest and highest quality without grains, preservatives, artificial additives or fillers. On the other hand, they are healthy and nutritious ingredients that are good for the whole body, especially the digestive system, skin and coat. With CORE dog food, you provide the best measures for your dog and its well-being.

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    Why CORE dog food?

    CORE dog food is one of the best things you can give your dog and here is why we at GroomUs recommend CORE dog food:

    • 100% grain-free: Grain is the most common cause of dog allergies, as well as causing other skin and fur problems.
    • 100% preservative-free: More natural, less artificial.
    • 100% naturally hypoallergenic: Thus even the sensitive dogs can eat CORE dog food.
    • Prebiotics: The feed contains prebiotic ingredients that are particularly good for the intestinal and digestive system.
    • Minimally processed: No artificial ingredients, additives or other fillers.
    • Nutritious ingredients: Proteins and fat have been turned up and carbohydrates down. You can read more about the specific content inside each product.
    • Natural content: CORE dog food contains real meat or fish - no artificial flavors.

    CORE dog food

    We have divided the wide world of CORE dog food into dry and wet food, so that you can easily and clearly find what you are looking for. If you are in doubt about which CORE dog food you want to give your dog or if you simply want to know more about the properties of each of the products, you can read about them below.

    CORE dry food

    Where CORE particularly excels is on the dry food side. They have all the dry food you need and you can almost tailor the feed mix to your liking.

    Food is made for every stage in your dog's life. That is to say when it is a puppy, adult and senior. In addition, CORE has also created fodder for two special situations; the active dog or the dog that needs to lose weight or puts on weight easily.

    In continuation of this, CORE has of course also created food that is suitable for dogs of all sizes. Both small, medium and large dogs each have their own food, as it includes is the size of the feed pieces themselves.

    Next, you get a wide selection of different flavors that your dog will definitely find delicious. There are the following five choices: Chicken & turkey, salmon & tuna, chicken, turkey and lamb.

    Finally, you can also choose different sizes of the packages. There are different options depending on the pack, with some going down to 1.8kg and some available in packs up to 16kg.

    CORE wet food

    CORE also has a selection of wet food, which certainly also has its advantages. This is especially suitable for puppies. Both for those who are about to start on solid food, but also for picky puppies. The wet food is of course also suitable as a supplement to dry food for adult dogs.

    In CORE's range of wet food there are both recognizable flavors from the dry food, but also new, exciting flavours. There are the following four: Chicken & turkey, lamb & pumpkin, chicken & duck, and steak & broccoli.

    The wet food is something all sizes can eat, but a separate option is also offered for the small dog.

    Feed change to CORE dog food

    When changing feed, it should be done gradually. As a rule of thumb, mix 50% of the new feed and 50% of the 'old' feed for 3-4 days. This gives the dog's digestive system time to get used to the change. You can then use the new feed 100% without the dog getting diarrhoea.

    At GroomUs we use CORE dog food

    The many years with dogs and the large built-up network have meant that we have a particularly widespread knowledge of dog food. We, like everyone else, only want the best for our dogs, and with the contents of the package and the results we see, CORE dog food is clearly the best quality brand you will find on the market. Therefore, it was not difficult to choose what we should offer you here in the shop.

    If you are in doubt about something or want guidance regarding CORE dog food, you are more than welcome to contact us at or +45 28 10 89 22 at 10-18 every weekday.